Dr. John Chao
Dr. John Chao(626) 308-9104
Inventor of the
Pinhole® Surgical Technique

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    Sal Gaytan
    Sal Gaytan(714) 730-5900
    Pinhole Academy Director
    Pinhole® Surgical Technique

    Dentists learning Pinhole® can do cases like these:

    Pinhole® Surgical Technique/ Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation® is the easiest procedure to correct gum recession because its:

    • Scalpel-Free

    • Suture-Free

    • Graft-Free

    • Quick and Easy

    Dr. John Chao the inventor of the Pinhole® procedure has been using Pinhole since the year 2000 to help his patients with receding gums. In the webinar, Dr. Chao will share with you the secrets of how and why Pinhole is super effective and like magic for patients.

    You will also see short Pinhole surgical videos and numerous jaw dropping case photos with long term results of 10+ years.

    Sal Gaytan the Director of the Pinhole Academy will highlight why Pinhole has exploded in popularity with patients and dentists and how interested clinicians can become Pinhole certified.